GENIUS performance support and business coaching

Ford & Stanley were engaged to provide business coaching and performance support to a leading international rail consultancy, as part of the company’s employee engagement initiative.

GENIUS is a bespoke employee performance support service which seeks to increase employee engagement, maximise performance and improve the long term potential of talent throughout the organisation. Using expertise gained over a decade of helping sports people achieve competitive advantage, Ford & Stanley made this accessible for employees working at all levels, to achieve the same levels of focus that helps turn their ambitions into tangible achievements.

Our approach

An initial meeting was scheduled with the Senior Management and Learning & Development teams to understand the objectives of performance support and business coaching and how the GENIUS programme would be tailored to suit the organisational requirements. This included establishing the range of employees of whom this service would be made available to, as well as the frequency and location(s) of the coaching sessions.

Andy Duncan was assigned as Ford & Stanley’s dedicated practitioner with monthly confidential ‘surgery days’ held at the organisation’s Derby and London offices. One to one sessions were planned throughout the day, ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes duration based on the employee and meeting type. Initially it was the responsibility of Team Leaders and Line Managers to identify employees who they felt would directly benefit from this type of coaching in order to improve or further enhance their performance within the workplace.

The GENIUS support programme maintains three key aims:

  • To help high-performers in business stay on their ‘A game’
  • To help high-performers get back on their ‘A game’ where some kind of event, trauma or loss of focus has seen a dip in form
  • To help potential high-performers develop the focus and confidence to get on their ‘A game’ as soon as possible and remain there

One to one coaching

One of the key factors for success of the GENIUS programme was the level of confidentiality associated with the one to one coaching sessions, allowing individuals to talk privately about issues that may be directly affecting their performance both in and outside of the workplace.

From direction setting and refocusing career motivations, to assisting with underlying personal issues that were directly impacting performance, these sessions acted as an open forum for employees to drive the conversation and seek the professional advice of a qualified practitioner. Andy Duncan was engaged to work with each individual to agree a ‘plan of action’ in taking the next step towards achieving a practical solution and helping high-performers to stay or get back on their ‘A game’.

Employee feedback

Following the initial six month implementation of the GENIUS programme, Ford & Stanley sought feedback from employee’s that had received one to one coaching to understand how useful they found this service and to establish the need for ongoing support.

Overall the feedback received was overwhelming positive, with 90% of employees stating that they would actively recommend the GENIUS programme as a result of their own experiences and coaching with Andy Duncan. 100% of employees also said that they felt this coaching had had a positive impact on their performance within the workplace.

The GENIUS service continues to play a fundamental role in the company’s employee engagement efforts and is key to improving performance moving forward. 

A selection of employee feedback is detailed below:

“The sessions were productive and I gained some useful insights into my own thinking and behaviours that are helping me change my approach at work.”

“The key for me has been Andy’s ability to identify the core of the problem and pose a question that makes me think about the answer and develop an action plan in a logical / focused manner.”

“For my particular issue he seemed genuinely concerned and I got the impression he really wanted to help, not that it was just his job, which was the feeling I’ve had when speaking to people previously. With his outlook on life, knowledge and most of all his personality, I feel he would be able to assist virtually anyone.”

“I don’t think I would be at this stage of recovery if it wasn’t for the meetings with Andy. After the first session I was shocked at how much he understood and the truth he spoke. I felt like you could tell him anything and he was a trusting figure that I felt comfortable opening up to about my issues.”