GENIUS Performance Coaching

This confidential, one-to-one service is designed around your organisational needs and helps to maintain a safe, mentally healthy, high-performing workforce.

  • Help people who are on their A-Game to stay on it.
  • Help people who have lost their A-Game get back on it.
  • Show people who are yet to discover their A-Game, how to discover and maintain it.

Hear some raw first-hand accounts from employees at a client site and the positive feedback we have received as a result of our Performance Coaching programme.


GENIUS OnBoard is designed to support a new recruit through the often highly-pressurised resignation process, notice period and first 100 days of their new employment; ensuring that everything gets off to the best possible start for both the person and their new employer.

How an employer benefits from GENIUS OnBoard

  • Achieve a higher rate of acceptance when making offers of employment to people with in-demand skills
  • Ensure new recruits hit the ground running and perform at their best
  • Create a superb first impression of your company

What is the benefit for candidates?

  • Receive impartial, expert support in making the career decision that is right for them (hence their employer)
  • Continued support throughout their notice period and first 100 days of employment
  • Hit the grounding running in their new role.